Beauty – a Breath of Fresh air.

I have an assignment for you. Arise early tomorrow morning. Adorn thyself in your typical casual attire. Call a cabbie, or get into your motor car and direct yourself to an elegant Viennese Kaffeehaus or Coffee House, your favourite brunch spot, or a lovely little park in a popular town nearby. Now look around you.Continue reading “Beauty – a Breath of Fresh air.”

Look Expensive- Inexpensively.

Darling, we all like to look good. However, not every body has the same idea of what “Good” really looks like. Popularly, what is considered looking “good” seems to be following “Insta-Influencer” transitory fashion trends….neon biker shorts, big clunky running shoes, crop tops, fanny packs with space cats and aliens on them, Gucci belts, giantContinue reading “Look Expensive- Inexpensively.”

Addictions Reflect on Reality

I have no doubt that you are no stranger to the somber subject of Addiction. In this societal epoch, there is no shortage of gossip, media coverage, and resources surrounding the issue. However, what if your addiction isn’t like all of the other extreme scenarios? What if you are still a productive member of society?Continue reading “Addictions Reflect on Reality”

The World on Pause: Business as Usual?

Day 8 of self quarantine… You arise. With lazy eyes fixed at the ceiling, the familiar rush of anxiety and dread swims through your blood… Another day of nothingness. You don’t care about the sunlight delicately draping your furniture. The distant ballad of the busy Steller’s Jay doesn’t fill you with inspiration. You reach forContinue reading “The World on Pause: Business as Usual?”

Is Stress Eating Stressing You Out?

Okay. There’s a lot going on right now. As we are all well aware, it feels as though the world is on Pause. Currently in the United States, tens of thousands of civilians have been ordered to stay at home and are without work. The rest of us, whose jobs are considered Essential- are notContinue reading “Is Stress Eating Stressing You Out?”

Is Cleanliness Really Next to Godliness?

Early last evening, as I was sipping my Kava root tea, and once again- rearranging the furniture in my bedroom for no honest reason, a weighted thought came to me, and I have yet to be able to squeegee it from my minds palette. What if an untidy environment leads to sinful actions? I doContinue reading “Is Cleanliness Really Next to Godliness?”

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