Beauty – a Breath of Fresh air.

I have an assignment for you.

Arise early tomorrow morning. Adorn thyself in your typical casual attire. Call a cabbie, or get into your motor car and direct yourself to an elegant Viennese Kaffeehaus or Coffee House, your favourite brunch spot, or a lovely little park in a popular town nearby.

Now look around you. I mean, really observe. Is the location where you’ve landed aesthetically pleasing? Indeed, it is. The Kaffeehaus has a charming fireplace flickering, leather chesterfields and classic artwork on their walls, the brunch spot is looking over the waterfront, the tables are garnished with pristine white tablecloths, the grapefruit juice is served in fine crystal, the park is set in an Affluent city, Greyhounds, Dobermans, and Terriers are being exercised around the carefully placed pathways, the symmetrical hedges are already blooming with blue and white hydrangeas, and needless to say, there is no portable loo in sight.

Now, let’s focus on the people. How do they appear? How do you look right now, sitting and enjoying your time in a beautiful establishment designed to cater to your eyes? I am not referring to skin colour, nor height, not even necessarily width. But how are you all presenting yourselves? Is it National messy bun and untrimmed hair day? Are you all sporting UGG boots & tennis shoe sneakers? Backs slouched and necks craned, staring into the black hole abyss of your mobile phones? Are all of you loud, graceless and un-calculated?

Why are we not allowed to be physically Beautiful?

One could argue, that “of course we are allowed to be beautiful! Take social media for example, look at how much positive attention all of the beautiful people are getting! Society encourages us to become the best version of ourselves!” Right? 🤔 I beg to differ.

I truly believe that human beings hold more than outward, visual value, andthat their souls are what matters the most. All human beings were ultimately created for God’s Kingdom. (Although many do not choose to take part in lifestyles of morality, justice and decency) And even if someone is not innately beautiful, we should never look at them with a nose turned up! Nor to conjure negative assessments about them. However, presenting yourself neatly is politeness. The issue on beauty lies in my stern observation that human beings, more so than ever before in the history of Civilization, do not put in effort to present themselves beautifully.

One of the largest visible differences our modern society has brought about, is physical beauty. Human nature is inherently selfish and competitive. This births some ugly truths. Human beings, in their natural state, are very jealous. They’re selfish, and this, more often than we want to admit, develops into violent tendencies. But at the same time, human beings are strictly pack animals. From the dawn of mankind, if you were to be shunned from your tribe, you’d starve. You would become unsheltered and much more vulnerable. The effects of this truth are evident even now, and many people are desperately afraid to go against the grain and cause people to dislike them. However, some human beings are capable of insight, (approximately less than 2% of the population) and these individuals can learn to break away from the pack mentality, self sustain and evolve past this biological need to fit in. Both mentally and physically.

The false reality of social media land claims to exude acceptance, and the uplifting of all peoples, all opinions, all religions, all sexualities and beliefs. Social media land boldly claims to be specifically anti-discriminatory. But this, as I stated, is false. If you dare to admit that you have more traditional views on life and the wellness society, if you believe in dressing elegantly, if you are Bible believing and adhering, a completely straight person, if you are pro-life, or if you have deep rooted moral principals- which does indeed limit the acceptance of all things being “normalized”, you are labeled pompous, fascist, delusional, selfish and ignorant. How is that for anti-discriminatory? ☺️🌎🤗

When you break away from the pack mentality, and you open your eyes to the true nature of human beings, you may begin to question this agenda which social media, the news, and the ever wealthier, a-list celebrities loudly serve to us. (Practically with a knife to our throats.) In recent years, this agenda has been pushed harder than ever before. And one result that is undeniable, is the over all ugliness of the people in our society.

Why does looking beautiful matter? There is the basic reasoning, which on an instinctual level ensures you will be able attract a mate to reproduce with, as mankind naturally associates beauty with good health and thus mate-ability. Then we have a slightly deeper reason, understanding that physical beauty does in fact give you certain advantages that a less attractive person will not experience, such as being met with more positive interactions with strangers, i.e.- babies will smile at you, the odds of being hired in a job- whether you are a man or woman- are much higher, and general good self esteem will be a more natural state for you. Then we delve to the real intricate reasoning. That looking beautiful and presentable is an act of kindness to others. It’s simply good manners! When you arrive at a restaurant dressed properly, your hair is in order, your nails are manicured, your skin is clean and if you’re a woman, your natural features are expertly enhanced with a touch of makeup, you are showing not only that you respect yourself and your one short lifespan by presenting yourself in a dignified and thoughtful fashion, but that you also respect the environment that has been created for you to enjoy. You’re showing that you deserve to be treated better, because you’re putting in the effort to make the ambience of a room you enter better.

I know what you’re thinking. But no, you do not have to be a classically pretty person to present yourself in a beautiful way. Any person can take an extra 15-20 minutes each morning to pull themselves together and walk out of their door in a presentable, dignified, and beautiful manner. Google an image of a supermarket in the 1950s, for example. The men are in suits! The women are in heels and pearls! And even though you don’t necessarily have to put on a dress and heels to go to the grocery store, these images were in fact taken in a grocery store, witness how beautiful everybody looks. Think about that image the next time you show up to your favourite, elegant Viennese Kaffeehaus, waterfront brunch spot, or primly maintained local park in your unwashed pajama pants, your baggy sweatpants, your morning ponytail, your greasy sneakers or your soggy UGGs.

In this day and age, presenting yourself beautifully is a symbol of non-conformity. The same way how in this day and age, a woman shaving her head, neglecting to shave her underarms, whiten her teeth, dress femininely, and keep her volume to a non-invasive level is a symbol of where she stands politically. The neglect of daily self maintenance and beautification instantly signals to others around them that an individual believes what the popular media tells them to believe, that thus they share the “right” opinions. This is called virtue-signaling.

In conclusion, when you honour beauty instead of fearing it, you will generally not fit in. And on a deeper level, you will be shunned from the tribe that the common-man belongs to. But you are not alone. You belong with me! You belong with the small community of individuals who think like me. You will find your tribe, my dear, and you will find a satisfying, more elegant life.

But you must first become very brave, you must go against the grain, and begin to be beautiful.

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