Look Expensive- Inexpensively.

Darling, we all like to look good.

However, not every body has the same idea of what “Good” really looks like. Popularly, what is considered looking “good” seems to be following “Insta-Influencer” transitory fashion trends….neon biker shorts, big clunky running shoes, crop tops, fanny packs with space cats and aliens on them, Gucci belts, giant LV monogram canvas totes, chokers, you know what I’m talking about. Aren’t you getting tired of trying to keep up with the ever-changing fashion world? I know I certainly have, in fact I’ve completely stopped following trendy fashion insta-pages for this very reason.

Then we have the people even intentionally dress grungy and mismatched, clashing patterns, 80s/90s windbreaker jackets, dirty shoes… It’s sort of a “rebellion” against the social pressures of looking nice, and you might think it gives off the message that you DON’T care about what you look like, but as Miranda says in The Devil Wears Prada, “It’s sort of comical how you think that you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room from just a pile of ….stuff.” Let us not waste each-other’s time pretending that we don’t care about the way we look, and skip ahead to being productive about it and improving our wardrobe, shall we?

Listen, I’m here with you ladies (and gentlemen!) I don’t always have the funds to spend on gorgeous designer labels, nor do I actually want to. Sure, I enjoy (sparingly) investing in a few statement pieces that will last me my entire life, such as my neutral coloured YSL Monogram bag, but I believe in predominantly purchasing High Quality, Versatile, and Inexpensive wardrobe staples. Pieces you can mix and match with each-other (Pants, skirts, tanks, blouses, etc.) When shopping, select natural fibres, such as 100% cotton, silk, cashmere, leather, dark wash denim and linen. This is one the best tricks for looking expensive without spending so much on designer brands. Make sure your clothing FITS YOU! 😫 Try to avoid bold logos or graphics on shirts and pants, (walking advertisement🤭) flashily bedazzled jeans, ripped jeans, polyester-cheap looking-way too thin tops… I have so many eye opening tips that will transform your shopping experience, and Level Up the way you look.

You really cannot go wrong when you dress in a Simple, Timeless, and Elegant style. You will fit in in the most affluent crowds, you will not stand out like a Peacock in a room full of casual everyday “folks”, you will feel confident and lovely even whilst running simple errands, you will never cringe at yourself when you unexpectedly run into someone you know at the shops (don’t pretend it hasn’t happened to you!) and you will always look Expensive.

Would you like a more clarified list of Expensive looking, Attractive and Timeless staple Items for your wardrobe? Watch my YouTube Video on building an Elegant Closet right now! ⚜️💋

Published by Maison de Châtillon

Fear Not. Maison de Châtillon is here to pack you up and take you from whatever level of lost you're at right now, to a Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Aesthetically blooming version of yourself. I began the Brand Maison de Châtillon to be a source of relevant custom Products, Advice, and Pathways to the life you've always dreamed- I've helped hundreds of Women and even Men drop the old habits that hold them back, and implement real ways to Level Up even the most Every Day aspects of their lives. I believe Leveling Up should not be expensive. My name is Michaela Marie de Châtillon, FOLLOW this Blog for Life Changing/Entertaining newsletters, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for Videos packed with advice, recommendations, Elegant style tips, Product Launches and MORE, and check out my Custom and INEXPENSIVE products to Level Up even the most mundane items in your life! (LINKS DOWN BELOW)

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