Addictions Reflect on Reality

I have no doubt that you are no stranger to the somber subject of Addiction. In this societal epoch, there is no shortage of gossip, media coverage, and resources surrounding the issue. However, what if your addiction isn’t like all of the other extreme scenarios? What if you are still a productive member of society? What if you are not (outright) harming anyone besides yourself? Whether it be nicotine, a daily drinking habit, emotional eating, pornography, a time-wasting media habit, or a tornado debris lifestyle, what you need to know in order to become an Elegant person, is that you must form well-rounded, intentional and healthy habits. Elegance isn’t about just being beautiful! Elegance is self control, understanding your self worth- and acting upon it, in every section of your life.

Let’s start with the why. The intention behind the actions we take tells us why we choose what we do, right? When we are fogged by the negative side affects from out detrimental daily habits, it surely can be distracting and potentially block us from figuring out what is our actual core issue. But get really comfortable, get a hot drink, and get into focus. Get a journal and write out all of the things in your life that are causing you to be depressed, anxious, stressed out, etc. One thing that will give you power over your mental illness is admitting that there are real things that are causing your distress, as opposed to just being a crazy person who is hopeless to ever feel better. Get clarity and become familiar with exactly what you are not content with in your life.

Now, let us identify what your vices are. A vice is the thing you use to numb the nagging discomfort in your heart, mind and soul. Food is a very popular vice, I would go so far as to say the most commonly abused substance in America. There is also nicotine, popularly consumed through, but not limited to, vaping and cigarettes. Living a life through the fogged lens of being high on Cannabis has become normalized. We have alcohol abuse which is huge, especially for college aged students, as it’s considered normal and “fun” to get wasted throughout that weekdays because everyone else is doing it. Then we have pornography, which is designed to be addicting and mind desensitizing, all in the name of making money, social media addictions, television and screen addiction, you name it. If you’re often reaching for something that you know will cause you to feel regret, but you ignore your subconscious and don’t heed the warning because the fast food version of a contentment thrill is too tempting… you’re kind of dealing with the devil here.

Can we drop these habits that are in the drivers seat of our lives? The answer is yes, but first you must get clear on exactly what your vices are. Next, you must identify the reasons you use these vices in the first place… what in your life is actually not good enough for you right now? Explore and accept the harsh truths. Third, you need to actually stop… like right now. You can’t really slowly eat less sugar day by day, phasing it out, sugar is so addictive that if you have a little you’re going to want a lot. Telling yourself you’re going to only have one cigarette a day turns into an entire carton. You need to stop straight away, and let yourself feel all of the pain that comes with withdrawals. You created this problem, and it’s time for you to fix it. Some things in life are really hard, and this is one of them. If you don’t let yourself go through the growing pains of change, you’re going to remain the same.

What can you do about the things you hate in your life that have you reaching for your numbing vice? You can take action. Do the hard work to start your business and become your own boss, stop crying about the extra weight you carry and lose it already, clean and redesign your house that you’re so bored of, plan financially for something bigger and better ( and stick to that plan), stop talking to the friends and family members who suck the life out of you, and get physically active. Learn to listen to your body and take care of your true needs. You’re not a child and nobody is going to look after you.

Be bold, be brave, do the hard work, actually deal with your problems! Stop making excuses. Make a life of elegance, peace and luxury and reality, one day at a time. Starting today.

Published by Maison de Châtillon

Fear Not. Maison de Châtillon is here to pack you up and take you from whatever level of lost you're at right now, to a Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Aesthetically blooming version of yourself. I began the Brand Maison de Châtillon to be a source of relevant custom Products, Advice, and Pathways to the life you've always dreamed- I've helped hundreds of Women and even Men drop the old habits that hold them back, and implement real ways to Level Up even the most Every Day aspects of their lives. I believe Leveling Up should not be expensive. My name is Michaela Marie de Châtillon, FOLLOW this Blog for Life Changing/Entertaining newsletters, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for Videos packed with advice, recommendations, Elegant style tips, Product Launches and MORE, and check out my Custom and INEXPENSIVE products to Level Up even the most mundane items in your life! (LINKS DOWN BELOW)

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