The World on Pause: Business as Usual?

Day 8 of self quarantine… You arise. With lazy eyes fixed at the ceiling, the familiar rush of anxiety and dread swims through your blood… Another day of nothingness. You don’t care about the sunlight delicately draping your furniture. The distant ballad of the busy Steller’s Jay doesn’t fill you with inspiration. You reach for your mobile, it is already noon. Who cares, right? There is nothing to be done today, anyway. No work, no friendships to visit. You should probably stay in your floppy pajamas, throw out your makeup and shampoo, (because who needs to be presentable in quarantine?) get your snacks into your safe nest of unwashed blankets, and start scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix, or any other time consuming, mind numbing alternate reality to get this day over with.

Or, perhaps, you could get your pitiful, un-showered self out of bed, and do something productive. If you have the ability to move, a mind to learn, and the ingredients to nourish your body, and you decide to do nothing of value with your time because of COVID-19, you are self sabotaging. I am coming to you as your tough-love sister, and I am serving you the harsh truth with a side of motivation to stop regressing.

You don’t have your regular job to busy yourself with, but you do have a home. Can you honestly tell me that every closet and cupboard of your living space is in its best state? No, you probably cannot, so now I have just assigned you many jobs. Create a solid task list, setting aside time for breaks and all. Give yourself structure! Structure is one of the incredibly essential things what we are all missing right now.

Now, how would you arrive to work? Get your precious little self cleaned up, dressed properly, and beautified. The mentality of dropping all efforts in ones appearance because of this pandemic is the wrong one to have. You are still a high value person, are you not? When you take the time to get yourself in order, your whole mindset will be transformed into one of positive self worth. A high value individual consistently produces more value for the world around them, so do not allow yourself to let yourself go, especially in these trying times!

When was the last era you can recall indulging in long weekdays of free time? Try to look at this period in our history as one of new opportunity, rather than focusing on the money and experiences you’re missing out on. One glorious plus about the inter-web, is the abundance of free education and information available to all. Begin researching possibilities for starting your online business, discover new ways to monetize yourself, listen to lectures from the successful on finance, start learning a new language… there are endless opportunities that you need to take full advantage of, and you finally have all of the time in the world to do so.

How many weeks, months, or years have you been telling yourself that you will get back in shape? (You don’t have to tell me, it’s okay.) This is your chance to have the mental space to make healthy decisions, without the distractions of a stressful, exhausting job that has you reaching for salty or sugary junk food, and your sofa haven the minute you get home. Start by hydrating your cells as soon as you wake up. Do some deep stretches, maybe take a walk or some light pilates or yoga to get your blood circulating. When you begin your day with exercise and caring for your physical body, it makes it so much easier to make healthy consumption choices, because you’re putting yourself in a health oriented mindset from the start. When you take care of your body, you not only live longer, but the quality of your life will be unparalleled. How can you fight depressions and anxieties when you’re physically weak and malnourished? The body and the mind are one.

Your mindset can either make or break you during a crisis. However, telling yourself everything is going to be okay will not give you sustainable positive results. You must take action. Do not let this pause on normalcy pause your progression. I will close today with this small passage from Ephesians 5:15-16; “Be very careful, then, how you live- not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity.”

Published by Maison de Châtillon

Fear Not. Maison de Châtillon is here to pack you up and take you from whatever level of lost you're at right now, to a Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Aesthetically blooming version of yourself. I began the Brand Maison de Châtillon to be a source of relevant custom Products, Advice, and Pathways to the life you've always dreamed- I've helped hundreds of Women and even Men drop the old habits that hold them back, and implement real ways to Level Up even the most Every Day aspects of their lives. I believe Leveling Up should not be expensive. My name is Michaela Marie de Châtillon, FOLLOW this Blog for Life Changing/Entertaining newsletters, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for Videos packed with advice, recommendations, Elegant style tips, Product Launches and MORE, and check out my Custom and INEXPENSIVE products to Level Up even the most mundane items in your life! (LINKS DOWN BELOW)

3 thoughts on “The World on Pause: Business as Usual?

  1. I really love what you said about structure. The act of a job to do is more then responsibility but self esteem that is tethered to what you think about your self or others think of you. Structure is self love. AWSOME blog post Michaela.

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  2. I love this and I completely agree. I find myself having a difficult time feeling good about myself or my life when I don’t try to plan my day or make myself look presentable.

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