Is Stress Eating Stressing You Out?

Okay. There’s a lot going on right now.

As we are all well aware, it feels as though the world is on Pause. Currently in the United States, tens of thousands of civilians have been ordered to stay at home and are without work. The rest of us, whose jobs are considered Essential- are not necessarily feeling any lighter in regards to this Pandemic.

This is a period of unanimous uncertainty, and as much as I enjoy skillfully painting silver out-linings around my darkest of clouds, I am not blind to the stress of this situation…and I know many others are feeling similarly.

Some people are turned off by consuming food when they are distressed, and then there are the rest of us, the masses, (to be honest) who use food as a means of instant comfort. It’s something that we can control when so many things are out of our control. But are we really in control when we are stuffing our faces with more fuel than we truly need? Quite the contrary.

Unnecessary weight gain not only causes umpteen dangerous strikes to your health, but watching your body expand in the worst of ways will further your anxiety and depressions onto the next level. I anticipated this stress, and the potential eating disorders it could cause, weeks before things started to get bad, and I was prepared.

What do I do to combat letting go of my self discipline? I do not snack. Snacking adds hundreds of digits to your caloric intake, with even less than no trouble. When you start with a small snack, the sugars, carbohydrates, and sodium cause you to crave more, and your appetite becomes practically insatiable, leading to 24 trips to the pantry within 24 hours.

My fire proof method is to practice intermittent fasting. If you are unfamiliar, take a few moments to research and read about the health benefits of prolonged fasting. (Giving your digestive system a well deserved break!) It isn’t starvation, it is not an eating disorder. It is brilliance! What I have learned via years of experience, is when you dedicate a specific time to have your first meal each day, it takes so much temptation away from eating all throughout the day and snacking in between your meals. Personally, I fast until I get home from work, around 5:00pm each weekday. If you haven’t tried intermittent fasting, start with waiting until 12:00pm for your first meal. It is not only possible, but rather easy after the first few days. You will avoid packing on upsetting weight to your frame, and you can even slim down from where you’re at right now physically, if that is your desire.

Dear ones, do not let yourself escalate your problems by adding a few more… you can do better than that.

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2 thoughts on “Is Stress Eating Stressing You Out?

  1. Hi. I’m Candace. I just ran across your youtube videos yesterday and I have found them to be really helpful. Thank you! I don’t agree on EVERYTHING, but I agree on most of the things I am hearing from you so far. I am a proud housewife and a Christian. I want to loose 6 sizes as soon as I reasonably can. I know that a ketogenic lifestyle worked out for me and after returning from Peru, I started gaining fast after falling off the wagon. So, now, I want to practice a low carb way of eating again, but this time I want to reduce the fat intake slightly. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have alot of pain and so I need to have something on my stomach to take meducine. But I would like to maybe have coffee til about 4:00 pm just on weekdays. We will see.

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