Is Cleanliness Really Next to Godliness?

Early last evening, as I was sipping my Kava root tea, and once again- rearranging the furniture in my bedroom for no honest reason, a weighted thought came to me, and I have yet to be able to squeegee it from my minds palette.

What if an untidy environment leads to sinful actions?

I do know this borders on the extreme side of thinking, but hear me out- how do you feel when your kitchen is piling with dishes, unclean countertops, debris on your flooring? Do you feel a lump of stress in your throat? How do you feel when all of your laundry from multiple weeks is overflowing out of your closet, your bedsheets unwashed, and clutter litters your carpeting? Personally, I fall into a slight depression, and I make stress induced decisions.

What are my organic tendencies to manage my overwhelming negative emotions when my home is in chaos? I will tell you… I ignore the issue. Even so, I can still clearly identify what the issue is- a lack of self discipline. Sometimes in life, we don’t feel up to doing the Hard Right Thing. So, when my home is getting to that embarrassing level of disorder- I find a million and one other things I can do instead of tackling the true problem. I can easily slip on my crown of future regrets, and become the Queen of Procrastination.

A key point I hope you can take away from this blog today; is that idle hands, laziness, a blind eye turned, whatever you may call it, when you have a nagging job waiting for you to act upon, only will breed negativity. Take a moment here and think of the ‘not so great’ things you choose to do instead of taking care of your- or should I say, what should be your- important priorities in life… Online shopping? Social media binging? Eating a dishonest meal? Watching low value television shows? Perhaps something even more shameful, in an attempt to mute the irritating inner voice which repeats your tedious task list in your head?

I’m going to close this today by leaving you all with a Bible verse from the 1 Corinthians 14:33: “For God is not a God of confusion, but of Peace.”

Is your life Peaceful? Or are you living in a disastrous, disorganized and disordered household?
With so many worrisome things that are out of our control during this time in History, what can you do today to create more Peace in your life? If you want the mental clarity to make wise choices, savvy plans, and healthy decisions, I fully believe that you need to connect to your Creator. How better to do so, than to remove the clutter that steals your Peace?

Now, go ahead and clean your kitchen!

Published by Michaela Marie de Châtillon

I am passionate about teaching and inspiring others on the topics of Self Improvement and Elegance! My mission is to add value throughout every part of the content I produce. I am revived and rejuvenated when I help others build themselves up, to heal and improve their lives through love and honesty. I believe that one should feel free to explore the elegant possibilities in this singular earthly existence, and I am here to encourage and help train your mind to feel confident reaching and expecting the best for yourself.

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